Sable Mountain Lodge


Sable Mountain Lodge is located to the north west of the large Selous Game Reserve and provides a comfortable and friendly accommodation option for families looking to explore this amazing area. The camp was named after the footprints of the rare Roosevelt Sable Antelope which were seen while the camp was under construction in 1999. The camp lies across two small hills and has wonderful views out across the plains from all of its comfortable rooms. A small and friendly place, Sable’s accommodation consists of six stone cottages and five tented rooms. The lodge boasts a fresh water swimming pool and of course a good restaurant and well stocked bar. There is a waterhole nearby which makes a great destination for a short stroll with the kids – the camp has constructed a small hideout there so you can sit and watch to see which animals come down to drink, unaware of your presence!For families Sable offers a spacious two story villa, which is set on a hilltop with a lovely view.


  • Family Villa and large spacious family rooms available
  • Restaurant and Bar serving meals for all the family
  • Located on a hilltop with amazing views
  • Waterhole with hideout for watching wildlife up close and personal
  • Activities available including game driving, fishing and more

For further information please see their website here or ask your Safari consultant


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